Adventures in Antarctica

Adventures in Antarctica

When you travel to Antarctica you are in for a trip of a lifetime.  Because of its location you are required to travel with a government scientific program or have a private expedition take you there.  The over 50,000 tourists that travel there every year find the sightseeing and wildlife watching most adventurous.  Unless you can sail your own boat, a very strong boat to travel through ice, you will find yourself spending a fortune to get there.  If you love to ski or kayak you will have a great time.

The weather is the boss in Antarctica, so the best time to travel there is from November to March.  You may not be able to get to all the adventures due to weather conditions.  The months of November and December are your best months to go skiing and climbing.  If you like to go kayaking or whale watching you will like to visit there in the months of January and February.  Antarctica Peninsula is a very beautiful place where you will be able to see snow, rock, sea, and wildlife galore.  The peninsula has a lot of peaks – Mt Francais on Anvers Island and Mt Parry on Brabant Island.  They are both popular tourist attractions for the climber and skier alike.  If you are looking for a day trip you will find that the lower islands are best for the day.

The interior doesn’t get as much snow as the peninsula.  When you go skiing it is usually with an experienced guide because of the crevasses and possibility of avalanches.  You will have the backdrop of the ocean while you are out on your backcountry skiing.

IceAxe Expeditions a California adventures company is the only ship-based option for ski adventures and mountaineering opportunities.  There are other companies that offer skiing and mountain adventures.  You can go on skiing trips everyday even if the weather is not perfect and you are of the adventurous type.  Some of the wildlife that you may see are some seals or penguins as your ship navigates through the water.  After you have spent the day out skiing you will come back to the ship and spend the night relaxing in comfort.

You may also want to venture up the highest peak in Antarctica – Mt Vinson.  Glacier camp is the starting point for your climb.  There are tours through the Heritage Range – a low mountain range where the weather is a lot better that out on the peninsula.

If you are into kayaking you will like to take some of the tours offered where you will be closer to the wildlife.  While out you might see some whales, seals, and maybe a penguin or two might just venture under your kayak.  Some of the bigger ships cannot get you closer to the hidden gems of the area.  You will see popular sites like Neko Harbor, Cuverville Island, and Cierva Cove.  You may also be able to do some scuba if you are a certified diver with open-water and dry suit experience.  The sites you will see are ice walls, caverns, historic wrecks, and wildlife that you cannot see from above.