Motte and Bailey Castle Discovered In Antarctica - Antarctica Journal News
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Satellites have revealed that there may be a Motte and Bailey Castle in the icecap of Antarctica.  It shows an Antarctica castle shaped formation that is about 400 feet across and could be man made in the deepest outreaches of Antarctica.  Civilizations may have lived in the polar region many years before the actual discovery in the 1800’s.  Humans may have habituated in the early 1500’s.

Some believe that the structure may have been constructed during the wind and heavy snowfalls instead by humans.  Scientists may have discovered a natural phenomenon that they call a Sastruga.  A sastruga builds structures by the direction and strength of the winds and rarely show up in an oval shape like the one found on the satellite image.

While this Antarctica castle discovery may not be the first structure to raise questions on when humans first were living in this region.  They have also found a pyramid shape showing through the snow.  More research is needed to come to a final decision on when humans really inhabited this area.