Arab Nations Ignore Refugees

Arab Nations Ignore Refugees

Arab Nations Ignore Refugees. There have been over 4 million refugees leaving Syria due to their Civil Unrest that has been going on for over a decade.  Western countries are now trying to figure out how to accommodate all these refugees.  At this time, they are struggling and failing to help these refugees coming into their countries. Some of the European countries are finding that they are being criticized for taking them in or not taking some of them in depending on their religious background.  Amnesty International has said that Saudi Arabia and the Arab states along the Persian Gulf are not taking some of the refugees in.  Since these countries are of close proximity to Syria they should be asking these refugees to settle in their countries and eventually become citizens.  It has been noted that since Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and most of the other Arab nations are contributing to the military of Syria that is probably why they will not take them in.  The only countries that a Syrian may travel to without a visa are Algeria, Mauritania, Sudan and Yemen.  The other Arab nations never signed the United Nations 1951 Refugee Convention, so in order to enter them the refugees need to apply for a visa which is not likely to be approved.

The area that can take most of the refugees are the Gulf states, they have the resources and the ability to handle the influx of people over the neighboring countries like Lebanon and Jordan.  Since Saudi Arabia has a lot expertise in the area of handling more people they should put their knowledge into action.  If they have the construction companies who built the towers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Riyadh they would have plenty of shelters to house most of the refugees.

Like the US most of the European countries are very nervous that these refugees might take over the jobs of their citizens, become a security risk, and terrorism.

The Arab nations have been receiving messages on Social Media asking them to help with this situation and put down their differences and accept these refugees.  They need to change their policies of no refugees allowed in from Syria.