Big Sugar Deception

Big Sugar Deception

Researchers have found that some scientific findings regarding the health benefits of sugar were very misleading and is the major factor in most Americans becoming overweight/obese. We have been taught to read nutrition labels regarding how much sugar is in the foods we are purchasing.  The first few items on the list are the ones that are in the foods the most. Some sugars may be hiding farther down on the list.

Some people suffer from a stomach disease known as Genetic Sucrose-Isomaltose Deficiency (GSID) that cause the person unable to digest sugar.  Which causes symptoms like diarrhea and stomach pains that may be the same as lactose intolerance but are a lot worse.

Just looking for the word sugar on a nutrition label may not be clear as to whether or not there is sugar in the item.  Sugar can be labeled as sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, Sorbitol, fructose, and molasses.  If it is not one of the first few items listed on the label you may feel that you are getting something that is healthy for you when it is not.  There are about 57 different words for sugar that can affect your system.  Some of the words used to hide the fact that sugar is in the item can end with “OSE” like fructose, glucose, or dextrose.  If the words end with “OL” like Sorbitol, Erythritol, and Xylitol.  These are all sugars.

If you, your family members, or someone that you know suffer from GSID please read all labels very carefully before giving it to them.  The label may not tell you the whole truth.