Birds Invade Home Through Chimney

Birds Invade Home Through Chimney
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Birds Invade Home Through Chimney – A California woman has found herself trapped in a real-life version of The Birds, after about 300 black birds began flying into her home every single night. Shirley Brown said the birds fly down her chimney at sundown, scatter throughout the house, and perch on every available surface— kitchen countertops, the TV, and even ceiling fans. “The most horrifying thing is the mess they are making,” she said. “They poop.”The birds leave in the morning, only to return when it gets dark.

“I am thinking that with the weather change they will go away,” Brown said. “I hope.”


Birds Invade Home Through Chimney:

To clean up the mess, Brown fired up her vacuum. “But when I did that, I scared them and they came flying out of the chimney so, we were just chasing birds all over the house. It was nuts. I just assumed they were trying to get away from the storm Friday night,” said Brown. But since Friday, Brown says they have come back every night.

The “Black Swift” bird can be found all over the world. During the summer months, it typically migrates to the California coast and mountains to mate.

While Brown will not be making Hollywood movie history, she has certainly made history in her neighborhood. There are six homes with chimneys on her block, but her home is the only one the birds have gone into. According to the “National Audubon Society,” there are 150,000 Black Swift birds around the world.


Hundreds of birds invade woman's home

Hundreds of black swift birds are flying down Shirley Brown's chimney and into her home every day around 8 p.m.

At 8 p.m. every day, hundreds of birds fly into a woman's California home through the chimney, leaving her baffled, confused and a little scared, according to video from Newsy.

There are other homes with chimneys on her block, but the birds keep picking the home of Shirley Jones, whose predicament stirs memories of Alfred Hitchcock's classic The Birds.

Video from KMPH show the birds circling the home before entering through her chimney.

The birds are reported to be Black Swifts, which were described in Smithsonian Magazine as North America's "most mysterious bird," Newsy says. The birds like to nest in "forbidden places," the magazine adds.

Jones says hopes the birds are just migrating and will leave soon.