Canada Unveils ‘Dinosaur Mummy’

Canada Unveils ‘Dinosaur Mummy’
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While some miners were digging in Northern Alberta, Canada they came upon a skeleton of a perfectly preserved dinosaur from over 110 million years ago.  This dragon-like armor plated dinosaur was suggested to have been over 3000 pounds was discovered about six years ago.  Previously unknown dinosaur species was a plant eating dinosaur and probably ate its last leaf over 110 million years ago.  The miners had never seen anything like this before.  They said that it is a remarkable find because it was so well preserved that it still had the spiky skin and gut contents, and this will be valuable clues to these extinct creatures.  It’s also the oldest dinosaur fossils to be found in Alberta.

Because this find is so exceptional it’s basically a dinosaur mummy.  It took 5 years and over 7,000 hours to get the dinosaur exposed.  During the removal from the Alberta Millennium Mine in 2011 the fossil started to break apart.  Preparation of this dinosaur will go a lot faster since there are smaller pieces.

This find will help us to understand how this animal lived, used its horns, armor, anatomy, and more about its coloring.