Africa’s disappearing lions

Africa’s lions are dwindling toward extinction at an alarming rate, Duke University researchers say. Using new high-resolution satellite data from Google Earth, they’ve discovered that the savanna habitat that lions need to survive has shrunk by 75 percent over the past 50 years and is far more fragmented than conservationists previously realized. Over the same period, the lion population is […]

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Wild Coffee Extinction Possible

Wild Coffee Extinction - Antarctica Journal News

Let it be known that you should enjoy your cup of joe now because it may become extinct due to climate change.  Coffee beans need a certain type of climate to grow.  Some of the coffee bean areas in Madagascar and Tanzania are disappearing due to climate change, deforestation, and disease. Wild coffee extinction is definitely a possible outcome. The […]

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10 Foods Predicted to Go Extinct

How Climate Change Could Affect Our Diet  Climate change and a shopping list? At first glance, it seems just a wrong correlation. Well, it is not! Climate change is already affecting our present and it will heavily influence our future. The extreme weather conditions brought by climate change are progressively increasing the risk of drought, floods, heat waves and wildfires, […]

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