Property Tax Paid Using Dollar Bills and Loose Change

A California man has paid off a $14,000 property-tax bill using only dollar bills and loose change.  Larry Gasper says he wasn’t deliberately trying to inconvenience county officials with the unorthodox payment, which he transported to county offices in a wheelbarrow—causing the clerks’ jaws to drop.  It’s just that he’s very short of money, and had to scrape up the […]

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Smoking ban in Russia

Russia, the world’s second biggest cigarette consumer after China, has banned smoking in most public places as well as all tobacco advertising.  Even popular Soviet-era cartoons featuring pipe smokers are to be censored. It’s unclear, though, how the ban will be enforced.  Moscow police chief Anatoly Yakunin said his force has no plan to arrest violators. “We hope that they will […]

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