Hackers In China

A cybersecurity firm has traced scores of attacks on U.S. corporate and government computers to a single building in Shanghai. The security firm, Mandiant, found that the attacks originated in a 12-story building known as the headquarters of People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398. Intelligence analysts say that the unit has about 2,000 employees and 1,000 servers, and is the most […]

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If nightmares about Jaws are keeping you from taking a dip in the ocean, relax. You’re much less appetizing than you think. 11: U.S. fatalities from sharks, 1990-2006 16: U.S. fatalities from collapsing sand holes, 1990-2006   1 in 310,733: Odds of dying in a fireworks accident 1 in 3,750,000: Odds of dying in a shark attack   80: Total unprovoked shark attacks around the world in 2012 30 Million: Sharks killed by people each year   219: Estimated […]

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ADHD Facts

• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which used to be known “being a kid”, is the most commonly diagnosed psychological “disorder”. • Nearly 10% of American children have, at one time or another,been diagnosed with ADHD. • The state with the highest incidence of ADHD is North Carolina, where some 15% of children have been diagnosed with the disorder. • ADHD […]

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