British Woman Skis Unaided Across Antarctica

A British woman has become the first person to ski across Antarctica without the help of kites, machines, or dogs.  Felicity Aston, 34, completed the 1,084-mile journey in 59 days, battling through the frozen wastes in temperatures as low as -22 and dragging 187 pounds of supplies behind her on a sled.  She overcame crushing loneliness by listening to Agatha Christie […]

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Covered In Bees

Wearing only his underpants, a Chinese beekeeper set a new Guinness World Record this week after he covered himself in 240 pounds of bees.  Organizers placed several queen bees on Gao Bingguo, 55, to attract the workers, and then dumped boxes of bees on Gao until he was wearing a buzzing coat of 1.1 million insects.  He smoked a cigarette […]

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