Helping Out Our Neighbors

Homeowners in Centennial, Colo., woke up to a pleasant surprise last Sunday morning: a group of teens who went around shoveling their neighbors’ sidewalks and driveways free of charge. “They did everything: the whole driveway, the stoop, the whole sidewalk,” said one thankful recipient. “You just don’t see that in this day and age.”The high schoolers refused any money that […]

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Lack of Psychiatrists

After eight years of war, bombings, and brutal sectarian violence, Iraq’s civilian population is now suffering an epidemic of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental illnesses, health officials there say.  But there are only 100 psychiatrists to serve a population of 39 million.

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Separated at birth

Bao Lulin was always being mistaken for someone else.  People would approach her at the restaurant where she worked in Guizho, China, asking why she didn’t recognize them.  This October she discovered why: Lulin had an identical twin sister from whom she’d been separated at birth; she was living hundreds of miles away.  Each had been adopted and raised with no […]

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