Cellphones and Cancer – Is there a Link?

Cellphones and Cancer is there a Link?

Researchers have come to the conclusion – which is very controversial – that the use of cell phones may cause cancer.  They tested some male rats with cell phone radiation for nine hours a day and found that the male rats were at risk of developing cancer in the brain and heart.  The use of the cell phones may cause some brain tumors which has had a slight increase since the 1970s.  Cell phones were not available as they are now in the 1970s, so the research has a very short study time.  There is limited evidence of the use of cell phones giving a person cancer or brain tumors.

If you are concerned that you may get cancer from using your cell phone it is recommended to limit your use, use a speaker, or hands-free device.  At least until the study has time to get all the information that is needed to verify the use causes cancer or brain tumors.