Experimental cancer treatment

Just eight months ago, 6-year-old Emma Whitehead was gravely ill with leukemia and running out of options.Two rounds of chemotherapy had already failed, and a bone marrow transplant was no longer possible, The NewYorkTimes reports. So her parents opted for an experimental therapy developed at the University of Pennsylvania that aimed to enlist Emma’s own immune system in the fight […]

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A Genetic Guide To Happiness

helping others

Human beings appear to be genetically engineered to be happiest and healthiest when we spend a lot of time selflessly helping others—and unhealthy when we’re mostly devoted to self-gratification. That’s the eye-opening conclusion of University of North Carolina researchers, based on a study of 80 volunteers. The study subjects were asked how often they felt hedonic pleasure—the kind of happiness […]

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Pope Francis Cures Cancer With Papal Kiss

Pope Francis Cures Cancer

A Philadelphia baby has a new lease on life after a kiss from Pope Francis. Parents and followers believe that Pope Francis cures cancer simply by kissing this ailing infant. It’s the kiss Gianna Masciantonio’s parents call the Miracle on Market St.  They insist the quick kiss during the pontiff’s recent visit to the city is partially responsible for her […]

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Processed Food and Cancer Risk

Processed Foods and Cancer Risk - Antarctica Journal News

While shopping in the grocery store you may want to stay away from the processed food isles.  Research has shown a definitive link between processed food and cancer risk.  They found that there is a 12% chance of you getting cancer and breast cancer is the one that is associated with the consumption of mass produced and ultra-processed foods.  Processed […]

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Radiation from medical scans

Patients are getting larger and perhaps even dangerous doses of radiation from the growing number of advanced medical-imaging tests being ordered by doctors, a new study says. Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, analyzed data from millions of patients who received medical treatment between 1996 and 2010. They found that the number of patients who underwent CT scans […]

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