Colin O’Brady – First Man to Cross Antarctica Solo

Colin O'Brady - First Man to Cross Antarctica Solo

During his trek across Antarctica back in December 2018 Colin O’Brady found himself having to drag with him all his supplies to cross the 932 miles without help.  He also didn’t have resupply stations set up along the way on this desolate landscape.  The weather was harsh, very cold from the start to the finish on the other side.

He took 54 days to cross Antarctica giving his body a very grueling trip.  When he was only on his second mile out, he called home to say that all he could see for miles and miles was ice.  During his trek it messed with his mind and body, but it was also a great achievement for him.  Ten years ago, he was in a fire that burned him so badly that he was told that he would never walk again.

Colin is a very inspiring guy from Portland, OR.  During his trip he was able to boil snow to drink while he ate about 7000 calories a day.  He would walk for about 12 hours a day while dragging his sled full of supplies that weighed about 375 pounds.  He is an endurance athlete which is how he was able to achieve this trip.

This was a great task for him as he lost his excess fat that helped him to get in great shape.