Do Infections Prevent or Treat Alzheimer’s?

Do Infections Prevent or Treat Alzheimer's?
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Researchers have found that if the patient with Alzheimer’s is treated for any bacteria or infections it may help in the reduction of this condition.  The immune system is being researched more to see if it can be the key factor in treatment for Alzheimer’s.  If it is found out that infections are what may be causing Alzheimer’s then we may have a way to help people with Alzheimer’s or stop it before it has a chance to infect the patient.

There are trials going on to see if antibiotics and anti-viral drugs will prevent Alzheimer’s.  They have not been found to help consistently at this time.  Dementia patients are showing better results with the addition of antibiotics on their thinking abilities.  While people with Alzheimer’s are not showing the same results on their thinking abilities.

The study has found that some people with Alzheimer’s may be more susceptible to infections.  Infections have not been shown to bring on Alzheimer’s as of now.  The most common risk factor in getting Alzheimer’s is age.  The older we get the more we are susceptible to infections like pneumonia that can infect a person with Alzheimer’s because the person’s immune system changes as a person gets older.