Does ‘Planet Nine’ Exist?

Does Planet Nine Exist
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Scientists say there may be a ninth planet out past Pluto at 8 billion miles from the sun.  Since its not within the gravitational pull of three of the big planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune it may go out as far as 200 billion miles away from the sun in the future.  This giant planet may be 10 times larger than the earth.

The first time that Planet Nine was discovered was back in 2014 by the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC and the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii.  Researchers have noticed that the planet has developed its unusual orbit by other small objects encircling it and directing its orbit.

They have discovered that Planet Nine may have had a hand in the tilting of the other eight planets in our solar system by at least six degrees of the sun.

Planet Nine is being searched for by many people hoping to be the one to find its existence.