Does Pluto Have a Hidden Ocean?

Does Pluto Have a Hidden Ocean

Scientists have been looking into Pluto’s possibility of having an ocean under its icy (a minus 380 degrees Fahrenheit) surface according to NASA’s New Horizon mission.  This finding may shed some light on the internal world of Pluto.  It has always been thought that Pluto was a frigid planet totally frozen over.  They have discovered that Pluto may have an […]

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World Beyond Pluto

New Horizons has found a more distant world out beyond Pluto about 1 billion miles away from the sun on its travels through the Kuiper Belt.  This new world may be an icy relic left over from the formation of the planet Pluto.  Right now, NASA is calling it 2014 MU69 and will eventually give a proper name.  2014 MU69 […]

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