Does Screen Time Hurt Kids’ Bodies And Brains?

Does Screen Time Hurt Kids' Bodies And Brains?
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In a new study on screen time and mind and body development shows that it may have serious health consequences.  It covered the connectivity in the brain between spending time in front of a screen or actual reading.  They showed that the brain had better connectivity to language and cognitive control when the children read actual books more, over the poor connectivity if they spent more screen time.

Researchers also found that children who spent a lot of time with social media, internet, gamming, or texting instead of playing with toys had less opportunity to develop their communication, motor, and social skills.  The teens that spent more time playing sports, socializing with their friends in real life, homework, and going to church were less likely to think about depression or suicide.

Having too much screen time is like eating only junk food.  Not good for your mind or your body.