Famed Tiger Temple Monks Abusing Tigers

Famed 'Tiger Temple' Monks Abusing Tigers

The Buddhist monks of the ‘Tiger Temple’ have been accused of abusing the tigers at their temple.  Authorities raided the temple under allegations that the monks were abusing the tigers and selling their parts for profit.  The monks and the people that work with them have denied the allegations saying that they don’t have any evidence of the mistreatment.  One of the workers that has been at the temple for about ten years has said that she has not seen any abuse by the monks.  PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) have reports from some tourists that they saw the monks beating some of the tigers when they wouldn’t do what they were told.

Another animal charity, Care for the Wild, have been informed by a volunteer that no longer works there that some of tigers that were hard to handle ‘disappeared’ from the temple.  The charity was also informed that the monks were keeping the tigers so that the temple could exploit and collect fees.

According to the temples own veterinarian the tigers were being sold to transnational trafficking crime organizations.  The accusation was denied by the temple.  The temple also wanted to know if the government was ready to care for almost 140 tigers.  The government reported that they are prepared to care for the tigers.  The cages are ready for the seized tigers just like any other animals that the government has seized.

Reports were that the monks were breeding the tigers to sell which is in strict violation of the endangered species law.  While at the temple the authorities found that the monks had over 40 dead tiger cubs in their freezer.  The parts are then sold to Chinese buyers for medicine and luxury goods.