Health Risks of Moderate Drinking

Health Benefits of Moderate Drinking
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Moderate drinking like one or two drinks a day may not be as good for you as it has been stated in previous studies.  Researchers in China and Britain have found that you might still risk the chance of a stroke, aortic aneurysm, heart failure, breast cancer, high blood pressure, and cancers of the digestive system.  A study of 600,000 people from 19 different countries found that the more people drink the shorter their life.  They studied the participants health history, how much they drank and whether or not they smoked or exercised.  The study also showed that more men than women drank more daily.  Scientists have not confirmed that small amounts of alcohol were beneficial or just that the nondrinkers had other health problems.

They found that if the participants drank four additional drinks per day, they had a higher chance of having a stroke.  Heart attacks were not confirmed due to the fact that not enough of the participants had heart attacks.  Moderate drinkers had a 10% to 15% chance of having a stroke compared to nondrinkers.

These findings contradict what the federal government says is good for you to drink.  They have stated that men can have up to two drinks a day and women can have up to one drink a day and still be safe.  Alcohol has a benefit of boosting your HDL good cholesterol, but it doesn’t out weigh the damage it can do to the rest of your system.

You may live longer if you drink less.