Hubble Reveals Something Massive On Uranus

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Thanks to the Hubble space telescope, it is nearly impossible to unsee the huge glimmering region on the surface of Uranus. The cause of this blatant smear on Uranus is caused by powerful bursts of solar wind.

Streams of charged particles caught in powerful magnetic fields forced into the upper atmosphere of Uranus, where their interactions with gas particles, such as oxygen or nitrogen, create the spectacular bursts of light.

The first direct evidence that these powerful shimmering regions rotate with the planet was uncovered when they watched the auroras over time.

Also re-located were the long-lost magnetic poles stemming from deep within the atmosphere of Uranus. The location of the poles were lost shortly after their discovery by Voyager 2 in 1986 due to uncertainties in measurements and the featureless surface of Uranus.