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Essay – Alliances and Signs of Empire Waning (By Mankh)

Not so far from the madding crowd of Global Corporate Empire and its superpower media bowl amping good guy v. bad guy -- Obama, Kerry, Harper, Putin, Maduro, the Dalai Lama, Charlie Sheen, the Pope, Miley Cyrus, did I miss ...
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Mother Earth Day

Mother Earth Day – What My Father Taught Me (Essay By Mankh)

Mother Earth Day .  .  . When I was a teenager, after being wished a Happy Father’s Day, my father would say (with a drily humorous look), “Every day is Father’s Day.” It sounded like a quip, yet there was a ...
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Essay – Laugh Tracks in the Sand: a Tribute to Robin Williams (By Mankh)

“When asked in an interview, 'How do you define comedy?'.. George Burns responded, 'If you laugh, it's comedy.'"[1] The world is a virtual tragi-comedy. Wake up in the morning, spill the coffee on the brand new white rug, start to ...
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Essay – The Cage Industrial Complex and a Cry for Ecological Intimacy (By Mankh)

“In Lakota, we don’t have a word for animal – in Latin, ani means ‘soul’ and mal means ‘bad’, so we can’t call these creatures that we consider to be our brothers and sisters ‘bad souls’. Each life form that ...
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