Irish Healing Soil

Irish Healing Soil
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Researchers have found soil that is from the Boho Highlands of Fermanagh, Northern Ireland to help with killing some of the world’s deadliest superbugs.  The soil has some unknown strain of bacteria that produces antibiotics.  This healing soil has been used by the people of Boho Highlands for centuries.  Its healing capabilities can help cure the pain from a toothache to sore throats.  The Druids people who can be traced back to the Neolithic period used this soil to cure their ailments.

This discovery is a very important step in the fight against antibiotic resistance since it can fight against 4 of the top 6 pathogens that are resistant to antibiotics.  It shows that traditional and old-time medicines are worth looking into to find new ways to use antibiotics.

It is hoped with this discovery to help in the search for new ways to treat multi-resistant bacteria.