Is Social Media Making People More Isolated

Is Social Media Making People More Isolated

People who use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more then two hours a day may be affecting people’s mental health.  It has a tendency to make people feel isolated and lose connection with the real world.  They have found that its not the technology that is affecting individuals but how people are using the technology.  A lot of people are suffering from low self-esteem, jealousy and envy of the “perfect” people they see on the screen.  This happens amongst the millennials and is connected to some eating disorders and body images.  Creating a feeling of inadequacy and unattractiveness.

Some studies show that there is a link between depression and social media that can be a positive influence on the user when used in a positive light.  The study also found that if the participants using social media the most were likely to become anxious and depressed.  Increased cyber bullying was also a factor in the user becoming depressed by distorting other people’s lives.

Restlessness, concentration, and sleep disorders are associated with anxiety from viewing social media on a daily basis over a number of social media platforms.  Research connecting anxiety to social media is still in its early stage and its unclear just how it relates anxiety in social media users.

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