Marijuana Cracks Colombia Bazuco Addiction

Marijuana Cracks Colombia Bazuco Addiction

The country of Columbia is now trying to combat the use of Bazuco a crack like drug by cultivating marijuana.  People that have become addicted to the drug are now being given medicinal marijuana to help them to relieve the anxiety and jitters from the withdrawals.

Columbia is now trying to get rid of their negative reputation as drug lords.  They are hoping that since they are helping with the drug addictions it might change people’s minds about the country.  Since medicinal marijuana has been around for years it is hoping that this will lead to a peaceful future for the country.

The country is great for the growing of marijuana because of its climate, rain, and sunlight.  The country still has illegal farms but now they are trying to provide the legal farms with the help to cultivate and extract the THC and CBD cannabinoids.

Of the 9,500 homeless about 7,500 are addicted to drugs.  The government is trying to get these addicts off the Bazuco and with the help of the medicinal marijuana they might just achieve this.