Marijuana Usage

College graduates account for only about 17 percent of marijuana use. About 76 percent is consumed by adults who never attended college or dropped out. “Most of the marijuana market is more Walmart than Whole Foods,” says Carnegie Mellon University professor Jonathan Caulkins, author of a new analysis of weed use.

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Dehumanizing Hispanics as illegals


The Republicans have a euphemism for undocumented workers— illegals — said Peter Beinart. With a tone of disgust, that single, dehumanizing noun has become the GOP presidential candidates’ preferred way to describe the millions of human beings picking our produce, cooking our food, cutting our lawns, and watching over our kids. It’s “the latest in a long line of euphemisms […]

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Online education

Police arrested a New Hampshire man who posted 35 videos on YouTube explaining how to grow marijuana at home.  Kyle Berry didn’t appear in the videos, but authorities said his reflection could be seen in one of the tutorials.  “He’s not the brightest person in the world,” said a sheriff.

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