McDonald’s Manager Sues Company for Making Him Fat

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Judge Joao Filho of Brazil has awarded a former McDonald’s franchise manager $17,500 in damages, after the 32 year-old man sued the chain for making him fat.

According to the 32 year-old man, whose name has not been made public, the free lunches provided by the chain were to blame. Of course, he could have opted for a McSalad once in a while if he were really that concerned.

But, therein lies what really elevates this case beyond the heights of absurdity. “Fat,” in this instance, is a total weight-gain of 65 lbs. over the course of 12 years.

That’s only 5.4 lbs. per year, which really doesn’t sound that bad for someone who ate McDonald’s almost every day.


“We’re disappointed with this preliminary court ruling, as it’s not an accurate representation of our highly regarded work environment and culture,” McDonald’s said in a statement. “This case is still a pending legal matter and it would be premature to draw conclusions at this time.


Of course, the issue of whether or not litigants can win these sorts of cases (Brazil notwithstanding) is an important factor.


Perhaps a more intelligent route toward healthy living would be to exercise a little something called “self-control.”