Japan resumed Antarctic whale hunt despite ICJ ruling

Antarctic whale hunt

Japan decided to resume Antarctic whale hunt after a hiatus despite an IJC ruling, which prompted international outrage. The International Court of Justice ruled in March 2104 that Japan’s decades-old whale hunt in the Antarctic should stop, prompting Tokyo to cancel the bulk of its whaling for the 2014/2015 season. The order from the United Nations court was binding and […]

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Thousands protest the killing of an anti-fascism activist by skinheads

Paris Leftist murdered: Thousands turned out to protest the killing of an anti-fascism activist by skinheads in Paris last week. Clement Meric, 19, was out shopping with friends when he exchanged words with the skinheads, who beat him to death with brass knuckles. Five suspects under investigation were linked to a far-right movement called the Third Way; the government said […]

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Prison Sentences – Loosening The Shackles


Prison Sentences – Loosening The Shackles   U.S. Prison Population The U.S. prison population is the highest in the world. A quarter of the world’s inmates reside in U.S. prisons, despite being only 5% of the world population. Since the 1980’s the U.S. prison population has increased 8-fold to over 2.4 million people. More than $80 billion of taxpayer money […]

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Dehumanizing Hispanics as illegals


The Republicans have a euphemism for undocumented workers— illegals — said Peter Beinart. With a tone of disgust, that single, dehumanizing noun has become the GOP presidential candidates’ preferred way to describe the millions of human beings picking our produce, cooking our food, cutting our lawns, and watching over our kids. It’s “the latest in a long line of euphemisms […]

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