Medications Could Make You Depressed

Medications Could Make You Depressed
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Some of the medications that you are taking may be causing you to have depression.  About a third of adults taking medications may not be aware of this problem and consequences.  It may be a minor symptom in some, but it also can be a serious problem in others.  Medications for blood pressure, antacids, painkillers, and contraceptives are not prescribed for depression but may cause depression and suicide thoughts in some patients.  Over 200 prescriptions have depression and suicide as side effects if using these medications.  It is not known why these medications cause this to happen to some patients and not others.  When someone takes medications, it may affect the brain in a way to cause mood swings.   Some health care providers may not be aware of this risk to their patients.

A study of over 26,000 patients over a ten year study found that if the patient was taking 3 or more of the 200+ medications they had a 15% chance of suffering from the mind altering side effects, suicide, and depression,  those who took two had a 9% chance, and if they took one 7% chance, and if they didn’t take any there was a 5% chance that they would suffer from depression.

If you feel that you are suffering from any of these side effects please contact your health care provider to get help.