Mont Blanc Glacier Being Destroyed By Climate Change

Mont Blanc Glacier Being Destroyed By Climate Change - Antarctica Journal News
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The Mont Blanc Glacier is in danger of falling off the Planpincieux area of the Grandes Jorasses in Mont Blanc in the Alps.  It is estimated that about 8.8 cubic feet is going to break off at any moment.  Since this is emanate the government of Italy has ordered the closure of roads and evacuation orders have been issued to the side of the mountain in the area.  They don’t believe that there is a danger to the residential areas or in the tourist areas.

They have been monitoring the Mont Blanc Glacier since 2013 and have found that it has melted approximately 16 to 23 inches a day.  That number is in the danger zone of causing this glacier to melt faster and may possibly be due to climate change.

Other glaciers that have been destroyed by climate change are Okjokull in Iceland and the Pizol glacier in the Glarus Alps in Switzerland has lost about 80% of its volume since 2006.

Experts believe that we may lose about 90% of our glaciers due to climate change by the year 2100 if we don’t do something about it. Will the Mont Blanc Glacier be next?