Native Americans’ Siberian Roots

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Native Americans’ Siberian Roots have been documented in recent research. The skeleton of a girl who died over 12k years ago has provided DNA confirming evidence that Native Americans must have originally migrated from Siberia.


Analysis of the DNA showed a genetic marker commonly found in today’s Native American population. Human geneticist Chris Tyler says, “From archaeological, genetic, and linguistic viewpoints, that the Americas were initially inhabited 15k – 20k years ago by people from Siberia.


Up until now, anthropologists had been stumped by the fact that previously found remains of Paleoamericans had suggested that they looked quite different from modern Native Americans. Those differences gave way to theories that Native Americans were descended from several waves of migration from east Asia or even Europe. But the new DNA evidence links all Native Americans to the Siberians who apparently evolved after they arrived in the Americas, concluding profound evidence of Native Americans’ Siberian Roots.


The newly found remains, dubbed Naia, was located in a flooded cavern on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, and is the first full skeleton of a  Paleoamerican ever discovered. It has been determined that she was approximately 15 years old when she died in the cavern. Human remains from this era are rare, as the nomadic tribes often did not build tombs for their dead.