Ocean Can Help Ease Stress

Living by the ocean may help keep you calmer and relaxed.  In a study it showed that the people who lived near the water were less stressed and with less psychological distress.  In Roman times it was believed that water has healing and transformational properties.  It is also found in Chinese medicine that water is crucial to balancing the body, creates physical harmony, spiritual cleansing, and salvation.  The study found that when we are near water our brain and senses get to relax from the over-stimulation from our busy days.

When on vacation most people like to go to the ocean or to a hotel that has a swimming pool.  It is very relaxing to be near the water or in the pool.  If you are not able to get to any of these places you can also achieve this relaxation by taking a long shower or bath.

If you are out by the ocean for long periods of time you may notice that time seems to fly by.  Sitting by the ocean and observing the waves it is thought to put us in a meditative state of calmness.  In this meditative state you feel less stress, relief from anxiety, pain, depression, mental clarity, and have a better sleep cycle.

The simple sound of the ocean waves calms our minds and lets us relax.