Personalized Diets

Personalized Diets

For years the Federal Dietary Guidelines have handed out a blueprint to Americans for good nutrition.  As it turns out this may not be a good outline for all Americans.  People are different in all respects; even identical twins have different ways they respond to food.

People have been told to follow the same diet as the next person. Now that researchers have studied how different people respond to diets they are now recommending that dietitians study the one person to see what fits their life and DNA.  The study covered how the food that the group ate affected their blood glucose levels, the microbes that live in their guts, how much sleep they were getting, if they exercised and how much exercise they were doing.  They found that in one person a donut may spike their blood sugar level and fat levels for hours but didn’t do anything to another person’s levels.  They also found that it affected everyone differently if they ate the same foods but at different times of day.

Scientist are still working on getting a nutritional guide that can help everyone.  They are close but just not there yet, more studying needs to be done.

It is recommended that when you are trying to diet you need to eat more vegetables and stay away from a lot of processed foods.