Pyramids Spotted In Antarctica – Real or Hoax?

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After an adventurous expedition a group of explorers have reportedly discovered several strange man-made ancient pyramids in Antarctica. For those who don’t already know, “when life first came onto the land, Antarctica was one of the continental landmasses to be covered in forests and animals. Much of the fossil record of the Antarctic landmass is under the ice, but fossils, including those of dinosaurs, can be found in the Antarctic mountains.”

As shown in the video below, the government has kept fairly quiet on the discovery of the pyramids. Not surprisingly, a research facility was built right near the newly discovered arctic pyramids as you can see in the video. You can view the Google Earth images yourself by clicking here. That way you can see the pyramids for yourself.

While it is easy to be pessimistic about such discoveries due to the remote location and limited number of people that will have access to such an area for exploration and research, the imagery and video are pretty solid proof that there are in fact some pyramid-like structures there. You can either visit the Google Maps link above or view the video below which highlights some of the imagery.

Some online enthusiasts have even speculated that the pyramids could be the work of alien. Claiming that the pyramids were once homes to extraterrestrial beings. In fact, several UFO sightings have been claimed over the years. Some even by military officials flying over the vast icy land below. The most disturbing occurrences, claimed by one military personnel who wished to remain unnamed claimed that several researchers have gone missing in the past and it was his belief that they had “made contact with the aliens”. Whether or not that is true is food for speculation. But the pyramid structures are definitely there.


Ancient Pyramids In Antarctica!

Two Pyramids right next to a research facility 9/22/2012. Google Earth / 71° 56' 55.29" S 23° 20' 42.94" E. The terrain at this site is Granite. The facility was built on top of the Granite, next to the pyramid structure, which, Granite was used (not entirely) in their construction by the Ancients.