Song Lyrics – My Poor Mother’s Country Land (By Melissa R. Mendelson)

My Poor Mother’s Country Land

by, Melissa R. Mendelson


Green earth sways and rolls.

This is my mother’s home,

But mother, please forgive me.

They don’t know the wrong they’ve done.


Blue skies have fallen.

The gray clouds have come,

And here comes the thunder,

Rolling in,

Screaming at all they’ve done.



What have they done?

What have they done to you?

Why can’t they just leave you be,

My poor country,

My mother’s home,

And there is nothing that I can do.

Nothing I could say or scream.

I can only leave.

I can only leave.


So many graves.

So many lives lived and stolen away.

Their pasts robbed

For this is no longer their land.


We’ve tried so hard,

And we’ve failed so many times

For they’ve ensnared us in a web of lies,

And our enemy is strong,

A black mass swarm

Covering my mother’s home.





No future here for this land’s for sale, and dollar is king in their mighty manifest destiny plan.



Repeat Twice


Author Bio:

Melissa R. Mendelson graduated college with both an AA in Liberal Arts and BA in Mass Communication: Critical Analysis. She was a Long Island news reporter from 2002 to 2004 and later went to work for the State of New York. She has written a variety of writing that continuously is published by the Antarctica Journal News, and she recently finished writing her first Horror/Sci-Fi novel, Lizardian, which can temporarily be found as an E-book on Amazon Kindle.