Poem – Pall Mall (By Ray Gallucci)

PALL MALL   The Mall which I frequented Has now been left for dead. The thriving shops oncesplendid To other haunts have fled.   Where once there was a FoodCourt Are now just empty chairs. No Kiddie Train to transport Their laughter here to there.   My decade past resembles The fate of this sad Mall. Where once I crowdsassembled, […]

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Poem – WE IV (By Ajise Vincent)

WE IV   we too have drank from the gourd of hate, that goblet filled with throes & gore. we too have been flogged by the r(age) of the storm, drowned in the waters of our cowardice, slammed with suspensions & ailment. we too are plaited with figments of delight like the quantum phantom of lightening, we illume, we overcome, […]

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Poem – ALAS (By Elaine Nadal)

ALAS – By Elaine Nadal   I was told I have her eyes, her thick brows– didn’t think much of it: We all have something of someone. My sister has Aunt Natalia’s smile. My brother has Uncle Silo’s curly hair (back in the day when my uncle had hair). I was just glad I didn’t inherit Aunt Rosa’s squared shape. […]

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