Bad News Bears

A family of Norwegian bears broke into a holiday cabin and threw an epic, alcohol-fueled party.  The cabin’s owner, Even Nilsen, returned to the cabin to find that the bears had eaten all the food and bitten into more than a hundred cans of beer, sucking down the contents.  One bear evidently became so intoxicated that it passed out on […]

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Militia terror plot

Four U.S. Army soldiers stockpiled $87,000 in guns and bomb components, which they planned to use to kill President Obama and overthrow the federal government, prosecutors said this week. The anarchist militia group of active duty and former soldiers then allegedly murdered a comrade and his teenage girlfriend to protect the secrecy of its plots. The gang drew up plans […]

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If nightmares about Jaws are keeping you from taking a dip in the ocean, relax. You’re much less appetizing than you think. 11: U.S. fatalities from sharks, 1990-2006 16: U.S. fatalities from collapsing sand holes, 1990-2006   1 in 310,733: Odds of dying in a fireworks accident 1 in 3,750,000: Odds of dying in a shark attack   80: Total unprovoked shark attacks around the world in 2012 30 Million: Sharks killed by people each year   219: Estimated […]

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