Helping The Homeless in San Francisco

A nonprofit group in San Francisco is helping the city’s homeless population with a former public transit bus that’s been outfitted with two bathrooms, complete with toilets and hot showers. “If you’re living on the streets and you’re filthy, you can’t interview for a job and you can’t apply for housing,” explains the group’s founder, Doniece Sandoval. “You get disconnected […]

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Soap For The Poor

In many developing countries, poor hygiene and sanitation can be a death sentence.  That fact led sales exec Shawn Seipler to quit his job seven years ago to launch Clean the World, a charity dedicated to collecting and recycling leftover hotel soap for those in need.  His company has since partnered with Global Soap, and together the two groups have […]

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ADHD Facts

• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which used to be known “being a kid”, is the most commonly diagnosed psychological “disorder”. • Nearly 10% of American children have, at one time or another,been diagnosed with ADHD. • The state with the highest incidence of ADHD is North Carolina, where some 15% of children have been diagnosed with the disorder. • ADHD […]

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