Separated at birth

Bao Lulin was always being mistaken for someone else.  People would approach her at the restaurant where she worked in Guizho, China, asking why she didn’t recognize them.  This October she discovered why: Lulin had an identical twin sister from whom she’d been separated at birth; she was living hundreds of miles away.  Each had been adopted and raised with no […]

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Military: Atomic warfare, Conventional warfare, Bio-chemical warfare, Ecological warfare, Space warfare, Electronic warfare, Guerilla warfare, Terrorist warfare Trans-Military: Diplomatic warfare, Network warfare, Intelligence warfare, Psychological warfare, Tactical warfare, Smuggling warfare, Drug warfare, Virtual warfare (deterrence) Non-Military: Financial warfare, Trade warfare, Resources warfare, Economic aid warfare, Regulatory warfare, Sanction warfare, Media warfare, Ideological warfare

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Deck Chairs Thwart Pirates

Somali pirates who tried to storm a luxury cruise ship were sent packing by a group of retired British and German tourists wielding deck chairs. When the armed pirates pulled up to the ship off the coast of Somalia, the elderly passengers picked up whatever deck furniture they could find to repel the invaders. The pirates peppered the boat with […]

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