Nazi prisons everywhere

Berlin The Nazis maintained more than 42,000 camps and ghettos across Europe, far more than had previously been identified, Holocaust researchers now say. For more than 10 years, historians at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum have been compiling records of all the slave-labor camps, brothels, death camps, and ghettos set up from 1933 to 1945, mostly in Germany and Poland. […]

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Where Jews still aren’t welcome


Anti-Semitism is sweeping Hungary, said Colin Freeman. It’s so bad that the World Jewish Congress held its annual conference in Budapest to express solidarity with beleaguered Hungarian Jews. The Jobbik party, which is openly anti-Roma and anti-Semitic, is now the third-largest party in parliament, and its rise has coincided with a sharp uptick in anti-Semitic attacks and incidents. Jewish leaders […]

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