7 Tips for Creative Thinking

Remaining creative throughout your life clearly offers mind health benefits. Not only can it minimize anxiety, depression, and cognitive problems, it can also enhance a person’s enjoyment of everyday experiences. In order to point your mind in a more creative direction, consider some of the following strategies: 1. Notice the world around you.  You don’t need to be a writer, artist, or inventor to […]

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Military: Atomic warfare, Conventional warfare, Bio-chemical warfare, Ecological warfare, Space warfare, Electronic warfare, Guerilla warfare, Terrorist warfare Trans-Military: Diplomatic warfare, Network warfare, Intelligence warfare, Psychological warfare, Tactical warfare, Smuggling warfare, Drug warfare, Virtual warfare (deterrence) Non-Military: Financial warfare, Trade warfare, Resources warfare, Economic aid warfare, Regulatory warfare, Sanction warfare, Media warfare, Ideological warfare

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Dolphins Have Names

It turns out that there’s strong evidence to suggest that at least one kind of dolphin sound, studied extensively over the past decade, does function as a kind of referential symbol. Dolphins use distinct “signature whistles” to identify and call to one another.  Each dolphin is thought to invent a unique name for itself as a calf and to keep […]

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