Tattoos Could Actually Poison You

Tattoos Could Actually Poison You
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When you decide to get a tattoo there are a few things you should consider before getting one.  Don’t do it if you are not of sound mind, like if you have been drinking with your buddies.  Have you checked out the artist and made sure that they are certified and clean?  After you have done the research and have decided to get this tattoo that will last for your lifetime is it going to be something you will want to have on your body in 10 years from now.

There is something else that you should consider before getting the tattoo – the toxic elements in the ink can permanently seep into your lymph nodes where they will cause some terrible side effects.  Most tattoo inks that have a harmless pigment can become dangerous when it enters into your body.  Some tattoo inks contain organic pigments as well as nickel, chromium, manganese, or cobalt.  Carbon Black is the most common ingredient in tattoo ink and titanium dioxide (TiO2) a white pigment that is used to make certain shades.  Being used in sunscreens and toothpaste TiO2 is considered safe but it has been known to become harmful by causing oxidative stress (this damages your cells and potentially can cause cancer), inflammation and an allergic reaction.  White tattoos cause the skin to raise and will be itchy while it is healing.

When you decide to get a tattoo, you should check on what type of chemical compositions of the colors that they use at the same time that you are checking that they use sterile needles.  To be sure you are getting a tattoo that will be safe for your body.