The 5.1 earthquake that rattled Southern California

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La Habra, Calif.

Quake fears: The magnitude-5.1 earthquake rattled Southern California, raising fears that the tremors could presage the long-dreaded “Big One”—a catastrophic quake that could devastate the region. The temblor and its more than 100 aftershocks originated in La Habra, Calif., along the Puente Hills thrust fault that stretches from the suburbs of northern Orange County into Hollywood. Residents within 10 miles of the epicenter reported rock slides, broken water mains, cracked walls, toppled furniture, and broken glass.

For years, seismologists have warned that California is overdue for a major quake \ originating from the better-I known San Andreas fault, but / the U.S. Geological Survey ‘ now warns that a smaller quake on the Puente Hills line could kill between 3,000 and 18,000 people, and cause up to \ $250 billion in damage.