The Greatest Era In Human History

The Greatest Era In Human History
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Recent polls show that the public has fallen into a mood of pessimism and fatalism. While Washington is halted in a gridlock creating a worrisome “leadership crisis”, many Americans fear that the country is unraveling. Little do they realize, The Greatest Era In Human History is upon us.

This era has brought us incredible progress, with the nation’s cities at an all time peak of intellectual, artistic, and entrepreneurial energy. Acceptance and tolerance of those living alternative lifestyles is at an all-time high. These more widely publicized and accepted cultures adding a plethora of new flavors to the American melting pot.

At this time, we are experiencing the lowest level of global poverty ever, especially within Asia and Africa. And while some issues persist, they are less dire than previous devastating times such as WWI, The Great Depression, WWII, or The Cold War. Even in comparison with the 1970’s which harbored Stagflation, Watergate, and rising crime rates, this era could be considered as that of “The Golden Age”.

With hopes that the current positive trends will continue, I can assure you that the sky is not falling. In fact, it’s mostly blue.