Antarctica Air Is Getting Warmer

Antarctica Air Is Getting Warmer

New South Wales and southern Queensland are going to be suffering from warmer weather and less rain than in the past.  This temperature change is called “sudden stratospheric warming.”  It happens when the air above the South Pole starts to warm up rapidly.  Predictions are that the warming of Antarctic will likely be higher than a previous record high in 2002.

The air above the South Pole gets warmer for a few months but it is predicted that this year there will be warmer air for longer periods of time.  The westerly winds usually weaken over a period of time but recently they have not.  Recently they have been reversing direction and become easterly winds which is technically the “sudden stratospheric warming.”  This may impact the weather where it keeps the warmer air until late January.

Some of the countries in South America will be experiencing more storms, rainfall, and colder temperatures.  The country of Australia will be experiencing less storms, rainfall and more warmer temperatures.  The warmer temperatures, heatwaves, and less rainfall have caused more fire danger in the NSW and southern Queensland areas.

There are two positives to this stratospheric warming is that the Ozone layer will have less destruction and may be able to repair itself.