Antarctica’s Subterranean Ecosystem

Antarctica's Subterranean Ecosystem
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Antarctica’s Subterranean Ecosystem is quite interesting. In Antarctica researchers have found an undersea ecosystem under an iceberg that broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula.  They say that Antarctica’s Subterranean Ecosystem has been hidden for over 120 thousand years.  As the iceberg moves it will reveal about 2240 square miles of seafloor that has been hidden from light.  The scientists will be starting their research as soon as possible to be able to compare any changes that may occur over the years to come.  They also are looking forward to finding out what lives in this undersea ecosystem.  Since the discovery they have prohibited any fishing or tourism for at least two years with an option for an additional 10 years.  While they are studying this area, they may require the prohibiting for an eternity to keep the area safe from disturbance.

The longer the area is researched the more mammals and sea birds will migrate there to forage and significant changes will occur.