Antarctica’s Subterranean Ecosystem

Antarctica's Subterranean Ecosystem

Antarctica’s Subterranean Ecosystem is quite interesting. In Antarctica researchers have found an undersea ecosystem under an iceberg that broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula.  They say that Antarctica’s Subterranean Ecosystem has been hidden for over 120 thousand years.  As the iceberg moves it will reveal about 2240 square miles of seafloor that has been hidden from light.  The scientists will […]

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Losing control of our farmland

Rich foreign countries are buying up Thai farmland to ensure their own food supplies, said Sanitsuda Ekachai. An international nonprofit farmers’ rights group has documented “an alarming trend of governments and corporations buying up farmland on a large scale in more than 60 developing countries.” The rush began after the global food crisis of 2007-08, when rich countries realized they […]

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Pope Francis’ Revolution To Save Earth’s Ecosystem

Pope Francis Encyclical To Save Earth's Ecosystem

Pope Francis’ climate encyclical went well beyond any sermons, delving into fields familiar to any Catholic, such as Scripture and theology, but also wandering into sociology, politics, urban planning, economics, globalization, biology and other areas of scientific research. It’s main focus, saving Earth’s Ecosystem. Divided into six chapters, “Laudato Si” began by outlining a myriad of issues affecting the planet: […]

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