Are you an artist or writer who wants to live in Antarctica?

Today we wanted to share a little-known bit of information for any artists or writers who ever dreamed of living in the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic.
Each year since 2013, the National Science Program delves into it’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program searching through applicants who want to do just that. On average, only a handful people will get chosen to take on this venture each year. They will usually be stationed at various posts in teams of two. It is not a short term-project. Nor is it meant to attract journalistic writers or artists. Larger projects –such as television or documentary film crews –should apply to other NSF programs – as should representatives of the news media.
The main purpose of the U.S. Antarctic Program is scientific research and education. The Antarctic Artists and Writers Program supports writing and artistic projects specifically designed to increase the public’s understanding and appreciation of the Antarctic and human endeavors on the southernmost continent.
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Source: National Science Foundation