Great Art

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum is already home to an artist’s rendition of da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” made from burned toast, and now comes a recent version by Laura Bell of Roscommon, MI — da Vinci’s masterpiece made with clothes-dryer lint.  Bell said she did about 800 hours of laundry of various-colored towels to obtain lint of the […]

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A Bare Protest of Art

Tired of the pretentiousness of the art world, artistic performer / radio personality Lisa Levy of Brooklyn, New York, took her stance by sitting on a toilet, naked and motionless, to protest artists’ “BS” by presenting herself in the “humblest” way she could conceive. This took place at the Christopher Stout Gallery in January. Visitors were invited to sit on […]

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Are you an artist or writer who wants to live in Antarctica?

Today we wanted to share a little-known bit of information for any artists or writers who ever dreamed of living in the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic. Each year since 2013, the National Science Program delves into it’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program searching through applicants who want to do just that. On average, only a handful people will get […]

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