North Korean Food Imports Down

Despite long-running drought, overall food situation appears similar to previous years. North Korea’s spending on imports of cereals decreased again in August, after recovering slightly the previous month, data from Chinese government figures show. Cereals – which include rice imports – decreased along with nearly every other food as classified by trade groups, and continued a downward trend that contrasts […]

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Chile’s Raging Wildfires

Conguillfo, Chile Wildfires are raging out of control in some of Chile’s oldest protected forests. Hundreds of acres of old growth have been destroyed in Conguillfo National Park, which is known for its centuries-old “monkey puzzle” trees. This is a “massive environmental catastrophe,” said Luis Mariano Rendonl of environmental group Accion Ecologica. Chile is in its eighth year of severe […]

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Pope Francis’ Revolution To Save Earth’s Ecosystem

Pope Francis Encyclical To Save Earth's Ecosystem

Pope Francis’ climate encyclical went well beyond any sermons, delving into fields familiar to any Catholic, such as Scripture and theology, but also wandering into sociology, politics, urban planning, economics, globalization, biology and other areas of scientific research. It’s main focus, saving Earth’s Ecosystem. Divided into six chapters, “Laudato Si” began by outlining a myriad of issues affecting the planet: […]

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Dalai Lama at the Glastonbury Festival – Steals the show from Kanye .

Dalai Lama at the Glastonbury Festival

Dalai Lama at the Glastonbury Festival It’s not every day that we see an 80-year-old spiritual leader steal the show from the self-proclaimed “greatest living rock star on the planet.” The 2015 Glastonbury music festival was headed by Kanye West. The festival is the biggest of its kind in the world. In predictable Kanye style, the show was mostly all about Kanye. […]

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