China Implements New Human Trafficking Laws

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According to China’s Ministry of Public Security news portal website, new laws implemented in 2015 citing criminal punishment for people buying trafficked women or children have proven effective. The new laws took effect on 10/1/15 and remains in effect today.

The laws outlines the prosecution for buyers of trafficked persons, whereas previous provisions said they were exempt if they did not maltreat abducted children and women or obstruct their rescue.

The new laws showed no mercy for buyers, marking a crucial blow against the lucrative human trafficking business.

All buyers would be punished while those who “didn’t maltreat victims or obstruct a rescue” could still receive slight leniency in their sentencing.

It is the first time China has made a distinct stance against human trafficking by punishing buyers rather than just sellers.

Buyers of children or women who chose to confess their crime to police before Oct 31, 2015 were granted exemption from the new laws.

Police have already rescued 3,800 abducted children by using a nationwide anti-human trafficking DNA data base. The new laws have definitely been successful in lowering the statistics on human trafficking in Asia.